HaTzadikim The Band

Currently based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Hatzadikim present a diverse and exciting program of Hassidic Klezmer that is unique, energetic and uplifting.

Our band:

Sergio Smilovich

Flute & Saxophone
Sergio Shmilovich

Sergio Smilovich is an accomplished performer, composer, and arranger of Klezmer music. He has earned a Masters degree in musical composition in Tel Aviv university, Israel, and has been a "National Professor of Flute" at the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires.
He is the liveliest person on the planet!

Danny Tiberin


Danny Tiberin - a virtuoso violinist - has been playing Jewish music in the US, Canada, and Israel.

Jacques Mindreau


Jacques Mindreau currently plays in eight musical bands! He is completing his final year of film studies at York University.


Accordion & Keyboard
The Accordion Guy

The Accordion Guy has been playing accordion for over half a year and also plays the piano and guitar. When he is not sleeping, he can be found in the park playing the accordion.

Michael Lupescu

Drums & Percussion

Michael Lupescu, also known as "Abdel Qader Harachi Mohamed BenAziza" is the Drummer/Percussionist guy. He does not understand the concept of dry toilet paper but man can he lock himself into a beat!





Daniel Greenwood

Lead Guitar

Moshe Tenenbaum


Avital Zemer